Monday, September 9, 2013

We are so excited for our 5k!!! It is this weekend, if you have not registered, please register asap.
Please click the link to Register and pay securely online.

It is supposed to be good weather.  Let's cross our fingers and get excited!

We have some amazing prizes to give away!! We want to thank all our sponsors for their generous donations.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Extended Deadline for Registration

We have extended the registration deadline to September 6th to guarantee a T-shirt.  Please register by printing the registration form and taking it into the MMA office with payment (credit card or check only), or you can click the payment link below to register online.

Things are coming together nicely and we are going to have some great prizes.  We have some amazing sponsors!!!

Remember that this is not only for MMA families.  Please invite anyone you would like, friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Register now!!!

Registration Form (you can fill out the form and then print it) -
Maria Montessori Academy 5k flyer 1_distributed.pdf

Payment Link - 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maria Montessori Academy 5k scheduled!

We are so excited to announce our MMA 5K.  It is approaching really fast.  You should be getting an email in the next few days with the registration information.  The 6th graders will also be handing out registration forms sometime this week.  Please get the date on your calendars!!!

WHEN: September 14th, 2013
TIME: Registration 7:00 a.m. Race Starts 8:00 a.m.
WHERE: The route begins in the MMA parking lot, located at 2505 North 200 East, North Ogden Utah 84414.

REGISTRATION: Individual Rate $15 pre-register, $20 race day
                              Family Rate $40 for 3 or more members of the same family.  The first 3 members will            
                              get a free t-shirt, extra shirts can be purchased for $6 each.

**Pre-Register by September 3rd to guarantee a t-shirt.**

To register you can print the form below and return with payment (check or credit card only) to MMA or we will have registration available online in the next few days.We will not be accepting cash on race day.  Please bring check or credit card.

On race day, we will have a food booth with “tortoise and pear” post-race sacks.  They include a turtle shaped roll, local organic pear, peanut butter, and a box of chocolate milk.  They will be sold for $5 each.  We will be able to take cash for these items.

Please click the link below for the registration form*Kutw

Monday, April 16, 2012

What a Success!

CONGRATULATIONS to all our runners and walkers who participated in the race!  A big thank you to everyone who came out to show support of our 6th graders in this fantastic fundraiser.  Also, a big thank you to all those who volunteered to make this race possible, our sponsors, and those who donated the raffle prizes!

Pictures will be posted soon!

Listed below are the race results.  If you walked or ran the race and your finish time is not listed below, you may still submit it via email to  Please include your name and finish time in your email.

Pagano Dustin 18:58:00
Howe Chad 19:02:00
Palau Keanu 20:36:00
Howe Hunter 21:00:00
Fidler Brett 21:07:00
Carter Quentin 21:24:00
Perry Adam 23:17:00
Howe Connor 23:21:00
Southwick Kaleigh 23:22:00
Simmons Jonah 23:24:00
Barlow Jennifer 23:51:00
Born Dawson 25:05:00
Rallison Kyle 25:44:00
Titus Luke 25:48:00
Goddard Emily  25:56:00
Boucher Kaiden 25:57:00
Colledge Sydney 26:15:00
Douglas Lancer 26:25:00
Garcia Veronica 26:25:00
Dennis Savana 26:48:00
Pledger Nikki 26:59:00
Dennis Luke 27:22:00
Owens Heather 27:29:00
Pilster Branson 27:55:00
Weaver Tony 27:59:00
Howe Rylie 28:00:00
Linenberger Irene 28:00:00
Palau Yvette 28:00:00
Barlow Isabelle 28:07:00
Nipko Justin 28:07:00
Barlow George 28:07:00
Simmons  Isaac 28:37:00
Boucher Keaton 28:39:00
Simmons Lucas 28:39:00
Otto Amy 28:44:00
Reyes Katie 28:44:00
Simmons Reed 29:00:00
Stratton Jamie 29:06:00
Higgings Andrew 29:13:00
Strong Christopher 29:18:00
Stephens Maya 29:20:00
Vickery Boston 29:20:00
Reyes Lizette 29:34:00
Wade Curt 29:45:00
Martinez Jeffry 29:46:00
Bell Diane 29:57:00
Porter Pat 29:57:00
Ryan John Paul 30:02:00
Whetton Jacob 30:06:00
Beerman Catherine 30:15:00
Strebel Luke 30:17:00
Helquist Kristina 30:25:00
Torres Camilo 30:25:00
Cunningham Connor 30:38:00
Whetton Jen 31:09:00
Dennis Allison 31:29:00
Pack Lauren 31:34:00
Perry  Angie 31:34:00
Strebel Mason 31:37:00
Torres Carly 31:47:00
Archuleta Kristie 32:14:00
Hallowell Neil 32:14:00
Bosworth Marisa 32:27:00
Bosworth Alex 32:27:00
Bosworth Nick 32:27:00
Torres Matthew 32:44:00
Newbold Nolan 33:07:00
Newbold Gunnar 33:15:00
Torres Cam 33:17:00
Torres Emma 33:17:00
Torres Adam 33:17:00
Archuleta Ciarra 33:22:00
Archuleta Steven 33:22:00
Burnett Douglas 33:33:00
Gonzales Rebecca 34:35:00
Hoffman Hannah 34:35:00
Ward Tammy 34:50:00
Rallison Julie 35:00:00
Rallison Ryan 35:00:00
Lusher Megan 35:10:00
Simmons Kathryn 35:10:00
Lusher Laura 35:10:00
Davis Chanel 35:35:00
Brinkerhoff Shannon 35:38:00
Brinkerhoff Jonah 35:39:00
Sedgewick Susan 35:45:00
Ward Trent 35:50:00
Goddard Carrie  36:45:00
Southwick Janet 37:32:00
Southwick Halle 37:32:00
Householder Nicole 38:00:00
Brinkerhoff Anna 38:08:00
Nebeker Lylee 38:15:00
Konecny Tyrone 38:15:00
Reyes Alex 38:41:00
Whetton Connor 38:41:00
Ballstaedt Jon 39:14:00
Ballstaedt Calvin 39:14:00
Pignatero Isabella 39:15:00
Pignatero Micah 39:15:00
Newbold Sienna 39:30:00
Newbold Wendy 39:30:00
Minnoch Dallin 39:45:00
Minnoch Michael 39:45:00
Bosworth David 39:49:00
Bosworth Annabelle 39:49:00
Young Oriah 40:10:00
Young Emmry 40:18:00
Douglas Richie 40:28:00
Douglas Autumn 40:28:00
Douglas Ryker 40:28:00
Simmons Jack 41:09:00
Simmons Julie 41:10:00
Whetton Brent 41:29:00
Martinez Melissa 42:46:00
Reyes Frank 42:48:00
Johnson Colten 43:05:00
Fields Kayah 43:26:00
Fields Arlis 43:26:00
Minnoch Samantha 43:54:00
Minnoch Lucy 44:41:00
Minnoch Genevieve 44:41:00
Mitchell Rochelle 44:47:00
Stephens Mandee 44:47:00
Hallowell Ivy 45:29:00
Jarrett Kaylee 45:40:00
Pugmire Sierra 45:45:00
Fields Gabby 46:23:00
Boucher Andrea 46:41:00
Martinez Hailey 47:19:00
Baker Susan 48:34:00
Pledger Victoria 49:36:00
Pledger Bethany 49:36:00
Torres Katie 49:36:00
Vickery Pam 49:36:00
Wade Barbara  49:36:00
Widsor Cody 49:42:00
Hoffman Jamie 49:51:00
Hoffman Breein 49:51:00
Hoffman Trent 49:52:00
Hoffman Braden 49:52:00
Hoffman Rylan 49:52:00
Sheen Brynn 50:10:00
Johnson Julie 50:39:00
Makela Brenda 50:39:00
Makela Kary 50:39:00
Kelley K.Lea 51:27:00
Kelley Paul 51:57:00
Mangel Glenn 52:12:00
Stocker Dillon 54:20:00
Archuleta Kaitlyn
Archuleta Stevie
Ballstaedt Shara
Ballstaedt Jack
Chandler Kathy
Chugg Heather
Chugg Strider
Clark Robyn
Dennis Eva
Fritschle Rhiannon
Fritschle Morgan 
Fritschle Brock
Fritschle Kade 
Goddard Chris
Goddard Coleman
Goddard Blake
Gonzales Emma
Gonzales Avery
Gonzales Blake
Hess Elene
Hess Brad
Householder Eric
Householder Leyla
Householder Arden
Howe Kami
Hughes Kris
Jordan Leviticus
Lemmon Hyrum
Lindeman Nancy 
Makela Dayna
Mangel Dawn
Mangel Harley
Mangel Maynard
Martinez Krista Ann
Masingell Misty
McCullagh Darlene
McMillan Amanda
Miles Julie
Otto Paul
Otto Braden
Otto Brookly
Otto Garrett
Otto Jace
Pledger Kristy
Pledger Jeremy
Pledger Taten
Sheen Camryn
Simmons Robert
Thornton Becky
Thornton Aniella
Tomon Joe
Tomon Nancy
Tomon Kathleen
Tomon Virginia
Vornle Nick
Wade Aaron
Wade Connor
Wade Bryson
Weaver Lucas
Weaver Kacee
Weaver Parker
Whettone Mailaya
Windsor Ann
Windsor Alicia
Windsor Kyle
Windsor Derek
Winward Kimberly
Winward Brynley
Winward Alexis 
Windsor Cody
Jarnett KC

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maria Montessori Academy 1st Annual 5K Fun Run/Walk

What: 1st Annual Maria Montessori Academy 6th Grade Fundraiser, 5K Fun Run & Walk

Who:  Anyone and everyone of all ages are invited to attend!  Whether you're running, walking, or would like to cheer on the racers!  Each participant must register.

When: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 8:00 A.M.

Cost:  $15 for those who pre-register*
$20 the day of the race (race day registration opens at 7:00 AM).

*For those who pre-register by March 30, 2012, a t-shirt is included!

Special Family Rate: $40 for 3 or more members of the same family.  First 3 members will get a free t-shirt.  Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $6

(Make checks payable to: MMA)

Where:  Route begins in the MMA parking lot, located at 2505 North 200 East, North Ogden, UT  84414.

Why:  Support our 6th graders as they continue their fundraising efforts and raise money for their 6th grade field trip to California!

How to Register:  CLICK HERE to print out a PDF file registration form.  Then, drop off your form and payment to Ms. Michelle in the front office of the school, or you may mail your registration form and payment to:

Maria Montessori Academy
2505 N.  200 E.
North Ogden, UT  84414
Attn: 5K Race

Questions?  Please contact Jen at